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  • Zhe Fan, Feng Qiu, Arie Kaufman, Suzanne Yoakum-Stover, GPU Cluster for High Performance Computing, ACM / IEEE Supercomputing Conference 2004, November 6-12, Pittsburgh PA.
  • Abstract: Inspired by the attractive Flops/dollar ratio and the incredible growth in the speed of modern graphics processing units (GPUs), we propose to use a cluster of GPUs for high performance scientific computing. As an example application, we have developed a parallel flow simulation using the lattice Boltzmann model (LBM) on a GPU cluster and have simulated the dispersion of airborne contaminants in the Times Square area of New York City. Using 30 GPU nodes, our simulation can compute the 480x400x80 LBM in 0.31 second/step, a speed which is 4.6 times faster than that of our CPU cluster implementation. Besides the LBM, we also discuss other potential applications of the GPU cluster, such as cellular automata, PDE solvers, and FEM.

  • Feng Qiu, Ye Zhao, Zhe Fan, Xiaoming Wei, Haik Lorenz, Jianning Wang, Suzanne Yoakum-Stover, Arie Kaufman and Klaus Mueller, Dispersion Simulation and Visualization for Urban Security, IEEE Visualization 2004, Austin Texas.
  • Abstract: In this paper, we present a system for simulating and visualizing the propagation of dispersive contaminants with an application to urban security. In particular, we simulate airborne contaminant propagation in open environments characterized by sky-scrapers and deep urban canyons. Our approach is based on the Multiple Relaxation Time Lattice Boltzmann Model (MRTLBM), which can efficiently handle complex boundary conditions such as buildings. In addition, we model thermal effects on the flow field using the hybrid thermal MRTLBM. Our approach can also accommodate readings from various sensors distributed in the environment and adapt the simulation accordingly. We accelerate the computation on the GPU and efficiently render many buildings using small textures. We render the contaminant smoke with self-shadowing composited with the textured buildings.

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